The Innovative Hydrogenerator. 

The shaft and the tubes can be manufactured in any length. Therefor the length of the Ocean Power Hydro-Generator can be perfectly adapted to your boat. 

Furthermore you can assemble two sets of holding plates; port and starboard. Then it is possible to drive this generator alway on the lee side. 

For the short distance match you can easily disassemble the generator. Each holding plate has to be mounted with two screws (M8; scope of delivery).

Standard dimensions. All sizes can be optimized to your boat.

Standard sizes:
a = 1000 mm
b = 165 mm
c = 290 mm
d = 290 mm
e = 750 mm

Current for battery (12 Volt) versus boatspeed. The friction of the rotor is extremely low. Therefor the generator is able to load the battery also with a boat speed lower than 3 knots.