hydro generator
for every sailing boat

Technical Data

The OceanPower Hydrogenerator is available for 12V and 24V systems.

The OceanPower Hydrogenerator can be perfectly adapted to your own needs!

The Generator

**** NEW MODEL ****

The Hydrogenerator no longer glides on two pipes, but on a detachable rail.




Generator dimensions

Standard sizes

All dimensions marked with * can be optimized to your own needs

The housing of the OceanPower Hydrogenerator is 63 mm in diameter.



Vertival Bearing

2 off vertical bearings are required, where each of them has to be mounted with only two screws (scope of delivery). The supplied drilling template simplifies assembly.

Easy to disassemble

For the short distance match or when you leave your boat unattended you can easily take off the OceanPower Hydrogenerator.

Easy to (un-) mount in only a few steps

The OceanPower Hydrogenerator can be easily (un-) mount without tooling. Only the two vertical bearings remain on the stern.

Futhermore, you can assemble two sets of vertical bearing; port and starboard. In this case it is possible to use the generator always on the lee side!

Adapter Plates

Different adapter plates can be manufactured at customer request. Please contact us!




The OceanPower Hydrogenerator can be moved linear in vertical direction. The generator can be swiveled at an angle of 36° (2 x 18°) and is therefore ideally adjusted to the current. The generator is not damaged when reversing slowly


Charging Power


The OceanPower Hydrogenerator already starts charging at 3 kts!

With the two-blade standard carbon propeller the output at 5,4 kts is ~100 W.

The Controller

The controller is completely encapsulated  and therefore waterproof (IP 67). The dimensions are 100 mm x 100 mm x 39 mm.

The controller protects the on-board battery from overcharging.

Three LED lamps indicate the operating status:

  • Battery - status of battery connection
  • Charge - shows if battery is charged
  • Brake - status of propeller (i.e. battery is full, propeller gets blocked)

A bluetooth solution is coming soon!

The Propeller

A two-blade standard carbon propeller is included (ø 240 mm).

For very fast sailing boats (i.e. Dragonfly, Open40) a high speed propeller is also available (ø 100 mm).

The blades are hand-laminated with carbon fibre (Rovings and fabric).