The Innovative Hydrogenerator. 


The Hydrogenerator from Ocean Power: 

(basic configuration including controller)

1998 Euro incl. german tax




The housing of this generator is only 63 mm in diameter. This is extremely slim. 

The development of the efficient and silent propeller is orientated on tidal power plants.

The generator can be linearly moved up and down. It rotates freely in the direction of the water stream by an limited angle of 30 degrees. 

The winch (optional) makes it easy to move up the generator.  A standard crank fits to the winch.    

The generator can be locked safely in the upper position. 


The mounting plates are designed to easily assemble and disassemble the hydrogenerator. Two sets of mounting plates can be ordered. Therefor you can choose between driving the generator on port or on starboard.

A simple padlock (optional) helps to prevent the hydrogenerator from being stolen. 

The robust cable of the generator has to be connected to the controller. The controller prevents overloading of the battery. Three LEDs display the mode of operation.