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Global Solo Challenge 2023/24

Kevin Le Poidevin took part at the Global Solo Challenge 2023/24 with his Open 40. Non-stop around the world - start from A Coruna, Portugal in September 2023.  2 off OceanPower Hydrogenerators are mounted; one on each side. The generators are heavily engaged at 15 degrees. Both systems are independent of each other. The generators are extended vertically with the help of a carbon boom.

Testimonial from Kevin Le Poidevin

"I installed two OceanPower Hydrogenterators onboard my 1997 Lutra BOC Open 40 in preparation or the 2023/24 Global Solo Challenge.
I departed Coruna Spain about 3.5weeks late due to injury. After sailing single-handed and non-stop to Hobart Australia, I retired as I was unable to make the weather window to round Cape Horn by 31 Mar 2024.
My intent was to use hydrogenators to be my primary source of power.
Working with Eckard from OceanPower was an absolute pleasure.
I don’t speak German; however, any perceived language barriers were not a problem as we used emails, technical drawings, sketches and photos to effectively communicate. We worked together to ensure durability and redundancy was inherent in the design and sparing.
Eckard designs many components himself and also makes his own carbon propellors. This enabled me to fine tune the hydrogenerator output to match my boatspeed in different operating environments.

Hitting unidentified floating objects is a real risk at sea. Eckard incorporated a shear pin break-away section in his design.
Upon impact with an object, the generator leg incorporates a shear pin that is designed to break. The generator leg pivots upwards on two flexible rubber blocks and the leg trails behind the boat. That system was tested three times during my 18000nm adventure and the system brought back online within a few minutes by re-engaging the generator leg into the fixture, and inserting a new shear pin.
Changing a propellor is a quick, simple one bolt job and safe task with the generator on your lap.
Another drawcard to OceanPower was the use of ceramic bearings cooled by seawater. No oil baths required or seals to fail.
Simple is good.
I installed the Ocean Power system, so it was inclined at an angle of 15 degrees. The hull design heel is about 20 degrees and the daggerboard is inclined at 15 degrees,  so the generator was near vertical in operation when going to windward or downwind. Drag was barely noticeable.
Amperage output was regularly exceeded the boats required electrical budget to operate instruments and autopilot, ballast pumps and laptop charging, There were periods where I would only run the engine once per week as a preventative maintenance and safety activity. Other times that impacted the generator performance were calms and areas with significant floating seaweed.
For robustness and durability, I used 110VAC IP67 LeGrande deck plugs and sockets. No corrosion was evident after 18000nm.
I had no issues with the quality or design aspects and can highly recommend you consult with Eckard and consider OceanPower hydrogenerators for your next adventure.
Kev Le Poidevin"


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Feedback from Oliver Haase

"...at ideal 4 - 5 Bft and 5 - 8 kts speed through the water and slightly discharged batteries. In short - I'm thrilled!!! - in every sense! At around 7 kts, approx. 13 A charging current! The handling is even easier than I had imagined. Hardly any force is required to lower the generator, the same when pulling up.  At 5kts I could hear a very quiet whirring noise, which was drowned out by other noises at higher speeds.No vibrations are transmitted to the hull. Mounting the rail on the 2 brackets on the starboard or port side is just as quick as mounting the generator on the rails themselves. So, for me it couldn't be better.
Thank you again for the good product and your perfect support in finding the correct type of assembly for the stern.
So far, I wish you a nice season and many more satisfied customers.
With best regards,
Oliver Haase

(May-2024, translated from german)

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Golden Globe Race 2022/23

In September 2022, Pat Lawless started the Golden Globe Race single-handed, non-stop around the world. The start was in Les Sables-d'Olonne, France. On its starboard side the Ocean Power Generator. In fourth position, Pat Lawless had to retire from the race in Cape Town due to a defect in his automatic steering system. The OceanPower Hydrogenerator is still running perfectly!

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