The Innovative Hydrogenerator. 

The following holding devices are available already now:

1. Vertical stern:

2. Positiv angle (up to 24 deg):

3. Negative angle ( up to 30 deg).
A custom made adapter will be delivered for your boat.
The standard holding plates have to be mounted on this adapter.

4. Stern with an extreme negative angle (up to horizontal):


  • The stern of you boat is absolutely inappropiate for the mounting of a hydrogenerator?
  • The space is already reserved for a vind vane?
  • You do not want to apply any holes into the stern?
  • You need Ocean Power on a boat which does not belong to you?

We provide a solution. Double Power and no holding device....

THE BOARD. 190 Watts @ 6 knots boatspeed! We will provide further information by phone or Email.